Power Life Script – a great Imagination tool





What happens when visualization and imagination just aren’t your thing?

How can you use these tools to get the results you want?

Peggy McColl’s Power Life Script is a great tool to use along with your Natural Healing Views window print to create the health, wellness, and happiness you desire and deserve.

Now, understand this: Faith and fear both demand that you believe in something you cannot see.

When holding fear in your mind, that’s the vibration you’re in, and you’ll attract “like energy” – so, what you fear will most likely come to pass.

When holding faith in your mind, that’s the vibration you’re in, and you’ll attract “like energy” just the same – so, the object in which you hold your faith will most definitely come to pass with patience and understanding.

Even when your goal seems so far away… hold your vision, and as you move towards it, it moves towards you.

My friend Peggy McColl has created the most brilliant way to put the Universal Laws – like the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration – to work for you on autopilot every single day for the rest of your life.

And the rest of your life can be oh, so sweet. 🙂

I have been using this program for several months now and am extremely pleased with the results I’ve seen in my business and personal goals. Just by recording what I really wanted and playing it back every day, I’ve come to experience what once were only dreams.

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P.S. Like Peggy, I have been blessed to spend a great deal of my time working on things that I feel are important for the whole world. THIS process is what Peggy feels is her greatest contribution, and I have to agree. It holds the power to change EVERYTHING for you, and help you do so much good. Click here to see Peggy’s webinar >>


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