Don’t let your stress relief be stressful. Getting into the Great Outdoors as often as you like may be a challenge in time and opportunity. You have the best intention to meditate, but there’s that time thing again…..where does it go?

In this case, all you have to do is hang the Natural Healing Views landscape picture on your wall, the nature scenery does the rest. You can have a beautiful, stress-relieving, healing view of Nature no matter where you live or work.

Call this ‘soft fascination‘ or ‘passive stress relief.’ It works in the same way relaxing music works; press ‘play,’ sit back and put your feet up, the music does the rest.

Having a long distance view to rest your eyes from close work or working on a screen helps to relieve tired eyes and improve eyesight, too.

Pine Trees and Grassy Hills shown in 30″ X 40″ size.
  • Choose the window view you love,
  • Order from Pictorem in your choice of brown or white frame, printed on canvas, paper, or other options,
  • Your stress-relieving, Natural Healing Views window-photograph will arrive shortly.
  • With the 15% discount and many landscapes to choose from, you’ll want two, one for your bedroom and living room, or one for your home and office
  • Free shipping in Canada and USA.


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